Seymen Enerji Production Facility Started Production as of 2020

Seymen Enerji Production, the vision project of BMF Enerji The facility started its activities with an Installed Power of 17 MW.

The first phase of the Seymen Enerji Production Facility project, whose engineering, consultancy and control services are carried out by BMF Enerji, was commissioned in 2020 with 12 gas engines and an installed power of approximately 17 MW.

Seymen Enerji Production Facility;

Established in a single center, it will take the title of the world’s largest landfill gas power generation facility.
When the facility is fully operational, it will have an installed capacity of 90 MW with 52 Gas Engines.
12 thousand tons of garbage collected on the European side of Istanbul will be disposed of.
Annual electricity needs of 465,000 households will be met.
3.6 million tons of CO2 emissions will be prevented at the facility, which will provide an environmental benefit equivalent to removing 2.3 million vehicles from traffic.