BMF Enerji Offers Energy Solutions for Landfill Gas (LFG)

BMF Enerji Continues to Offer Innovative Solutions to Global Environmental Problems with its High Technological Infrastructure.

The total weight of garbage produced in the world every year has reached the level of 2.1 billion tons. Waste accumulated in landfills on a daily basis affects public health negatively. The explosive, flammable and combustible properties of methane gas (LFG) formed in the garbage threaten human and environmental health. The rate of methane gas in the atmosphere is 28 times higher than carbon dioxide.

Increasingly, the data is raising concerns, as evidenced by the overwhelming evidence that something has to change. Offering innovative solutions to the problems of cities, BMF Enerji both reduces the risks of environmental disasters and continues to add value to the country’s economy with its services to collect, cool, clean, burn and convert the gas in the landfills.